Our Reopening Strategy 

With certain states and cities easing their stay-at-home orders, AHF Wellness Centers and Out of the Closet testing locations will slowly begin reopening.

The safety of our customers and employees is still our highest priority.

As a part of our reopening strategy, we've put together safety guidelines for the opening of our locations below. These guidelines are meant to keep you and our staff safe.

AHF Wellness Center Safety Guidelines 

  1. Temperature Check - Each location will have a mandatory temperature-check station for all employees and clients.

  2. Symptom Check - Patients will be required to fill out a mandatory COVID-19 symptom questionnaire before entry or access to an AHF Wellness location.

  3. Face Masks/Personal Protective Equipment - Employees are required to wear a face mask at all times. When entering confined spaces, or areas in which 6ft distance cannot be maintained, then additional PPE will be required.

  4. Sanitization Procedure - We’re adopting strict disinfecting policies including sanitizing all areas patients sit or touch upon the patient’s exit of the clinic. Every hour or more if needed, we will wipe down all surfaces that both patients and employees interact with while in the clinic.

  5. STI’s and PEP - Treatment for STI’s and PEP will continue to be prioritized. PrEP initiation and follow-ups will continue in the same fashion as before with the use of PPE.

  6. Social Distancing - All AHF Wellness Centers will be reorganized to accommodate for social distancing.

  7. Treating Patients for STI’s - Patients with Positive Labs will be called by the provider for a phone visit. The provider will have the option to have the patient come in for treatment, have an E-Script sent to our Pharmacy, or pick up treatment at the clinic.

*To find out if your local AHF Wellness Center is open, click here.

Out of the Closet Safety Guidelines

  1. We will be taping a six-foot social distancing line leading up to the cash registers.

  2. All donations are curbside drop-off only. Please pull up and stay in your vehicle. Someone will come out and assist you.

  3. No dressing rooms will be open for the next two months.

  4. Signs with safety instructions and guidelines will be posted in each store.

  5. Masks must be worn to enter any Out of the Closet Thrift Store

  6. We will be limiting the number of people allowed into our stores at one time.

  7. New strict sanitization guidelines will be in effect, including wiping down the credit card machines each time they are used, mopping the floors, and wiping down door handles, shared surfaces, etc.

  8. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in each store.

  9. All staff will be required to wear masks and gloves.

  10. We will have a tray for credit cards/cash so customers will not come into direct contact with cashiers.

*To find out if your local Out of the Closet Thrift Store is open, click here.